January - March 2017 Update | Fork in the Kitchen

Whoa – is it true that 2017 is already a quarter of the way through?!   I’m finally getting back into these bites of life updates.  I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been getting back into my midwestern roots, focusing on recipes, and recipe videos, and all things food that I haven’t had much time to update you on these happenings.  But here we are, back into the swing of things.

2017 has been about checking off boxes on my bucket list – focusing on new restaurants, small, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, getting inspired.  It’s been about seeing shows, exploring the city, and focusing on living life to the fullest.

So here we are… this is what that has included in the last few months.

pics 1-3: THE LUMINEERS!  Ok – this was absolutely the best way to start off 2017.  The Lumineers were amazing.  In the unique way the universe works, our seats were actually moved when we arrived (something about they shouldn’t have been sold…) so we were moved to the ground floor… about four rows behind a second stage where they performed like FOUR songs RIGHT IN FRONT OF US.  Ok, amazing. Go seem them if you can.

pics 4-6: Women’s March in Minneapolis — so inspiring, moving, and empowering.

pics 7-8: Mother-Daughter tattoos …and an AAAAA-mazing Chai Latte from Sencha Tea Bar.

pic 9: Ice castles, because us Minnesotans make sure to enjoy the ice/cold/winter as much as possible, eh?

pics 10-12: Family Thai dinner night! Being from a family full of foodies is fabulous; we all made a Thai inspired dish and ate ourselves silly.  Those potstickers — holy YUM — my brother’s specialty and coming to the blog STAT.

pics 13-18: Can Can Wonderland – a mini-golf, arcade, concert venue that feels a little like Coney Island and a lot like hipster paradise.

pics 19-21: So many new coffee shops in this first quarter of 2017!  Common Roots Cafe and Five Watt Coffee, FTW.

pics 22-24: Another mother-daughter date night with french food, wine, and open door seating at St. Genevieve and then to see one of our favorite movies in play form, Matilda.

pics 25-27: Pizzeria Lola – a local favorite and Diner, Drive-Ins, and Dives checklist checked off.