Whew, I’m just rolling out of bed after another epic Thanksgiving feast. And just like that, overnight, everything and everyone is all about the holidays. Despite this lack of respite between the food and the gifts, I figured since today is Black Friday, it was the appropriate time to jump on the gift bandwagon and share my 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

If nothing else, hopefully, you’ll be able to find some good deals on Cyber Monday! With a whole lotta kitchen goodies, sustainable gifts to make a difference, or some self-care love, these lists fit so many needs!

P.S. This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase an item after clicking, FITK will receive a very small commission at no extra cost to you. All items are personally loved and used by me, too! Thank you for your continued support! 

Kitchen Splurges

I can’t think of a better way to kick-off this holiday gift guide than with kitchen splurges.

Kitchen Splurges Gift Guide 2018 | Fork in the Kitchen

  1. Vitamix – a total game-changer, and so much more than just a blender!
  2. Swiss Diamond Wok – I raved about finally having a wok in my Lo Mein recipe, and it’s absolutely the best for fried rice!
  3. Cuisinart Food Processor – while I don’t have this exact model, I envy (and use) it every chance I get at my mama’s house! You’ll LOVE it.
  4. Hand Pasta Machine – a rustic approach to making homemade pasta…a classic favorite!
  5. Le Creuset Dutch Oven – a high-quality dutch oven is essential!
  6. KitchenAid Mixer – an absolute must-have for baking.
  7. KitchenAid Pasta Attachment– I have the hand crank pasta maker in #4, but this baby is on my splurge list!

Kitchen Must-Haves

I couldn’t go a day without these kitchen items! You (or your special recipient) will love them, too!

Kitchen Essentials Gift Guide 2018 | Fork in the Kitchen

  1. Canvas Pastry Bag – while pastry bags may not be on everyone’s essential list, this one is absolutely essential if you’re piping frosting! It’s canvas and lined with plastic, which washes out between uses – no more waste!
  2. Thermapen Mk4 – reads the temperature in seconds and absolutely changes your cooking AND baking game! I also desperately want their ChefAlarm for frying!
  3. Storage Containers – these are FABULOUS – each one is specifically designed for its specific purpose. The level in the flour container is genius, the terracotta disc to keep brown sugar moist, and the dusting spoon with the powdered sugar! They’re sold separately as well!
  4. Cast Iron Skillet – gotta have one!
  5. Wushof 5″ Gourmet Santoku Knife – this is my go-to knife; I love the size of it and it’s so sharp!
  6.  OXO Angled Measuring Cups – I recently bought more, because there seems to be a never-ending need for more measuring cups! These nesting beakers are also super fun and I love them for smaller liquid measurements!
  7. Garlic Press – I grew up using my mom’s. When I moved out, I bought a different brand. I HAD to go back to Pampered Chef’s – it’s the absolute BEST. No rusting, it’s all one piece for easy cleaning and mincing!
  8. The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science – such an interesting book with so much science behind what makes cooking work!
  9. GreenPan – non-toxic non-stick pans; they’re perfect for eggs – and all other non-stick needs!

Gifts That Make A Difference {sustainable}

Simple, minimalist gifts for those in your life looking to make a difference in our world!

Sustainable Gift Guide 2018 | Fork in the Kitchen

  1. OXO Compost Bin – if you’re looking to compost, this bin is perfect for storing food scraps!
  2. Vegetable Cleaning Brush – this scrubber fits perfectly in your hand and does the dirty work for you!
  3. Reusable Produce Bags – no. brainer.
  4. Bee’s Wrap – no better gift than getting rid of all the plastic waste!
  5. OXO’s Water Bottle Cleaning Brushes to clean all the parts of your…
  6. Reusable water bottles (and straws!)
  7. Stasher Bags – OBSESSED! You can microwave, freeze, sous vide, and store your lunch in these babies! Also, check out their website for a variety of sizes and get a coupon when you take the plastic-free pledge!
  8. KeepCup – I fell in love with these reusable coffee cups in Australia!
  9. Recycling Bag – this crunch bag fits under the sink and holds all your recycling until you’re ready to take it to the bin (with convenient carrying handles); I’ve had mine for years!

Self-Care Goodies {and great stocking stuffers!}

The holidays are the perfect time to spread a lot of love!

Self Care Gift Guide 2018 | Fork in the Kitchen

  1. Kale and Caramel – full of both good-for-you meals and homemade body treatments to pamper yourself!
  2. Bed Buddy – headaches, muscle aches, or just to warm up, this heating pad is flexible and just the right size!
  3. Chesnut and Acorn Candle – HEAD OVER HEELS for this scent; it may not sound typical but it’s warm, cozy, and not-too-sweet. You can’t go wrong with a comforting candle!
  4. These face masks will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and refreshed!
  5. Bluetooth speaker is a must for long bubble baths with a glass of wine!
  6. Ultra cozy slippers …the perfect accessory to pair with…
  7. A Super Fluffy Robe – a must-live-in all winter long! *I don’t have this exact one, but couldn’t find the one I do have online (it’s soooo old) but fuzzy robes is where it’s at and I’m getting this one next!
  8. Stress Relief Bubble Bath – to round out the theme of cozy comfort!

There you have it, friends! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season – sending you lots of love, which is more important than any gifts this season (although we all know those are nice sometimes too ;). xo