Holiday season is upon us!

While I’m not a fan of over consumption, I am a fan of gifting practical, useful, thoughtful items. Especially ones that are extra eco-friendly!

This is the perfect season to help your loved one stock up on items to replace things like plastic bags, plastic wrap, and plastic water bottles.

Do you see a plastic-free theme here? 🙂

Most of these are my –  already – current favorites. There are a few in here that are on my gift list this year, too (ahem, weighted blanket (YES PLEASE IMMEDIATELY).

I hope you find some good ideas for either the holidays or your own use. I’d love to hear your feedback on your favorite eco-friendly gifts, too!

Collage of eco-friendly gifts.
  1. Bees Wrapa sustainable option to replace plastic wrap. This is another investment gift that its recipient will use over and over! Just use the heat of your hands to secure it to the bowl, plate, or food item you need covered and voila! Plastic-free wrapping!
  2. Eco Lunch Boxanother one that’s on my list! I love how there are different sections depending on your lunch needs and that it’s stainless steel! 
  3. Stasher Bagsthe best way to help eliminate single-use plastic bags! Stasher Bags are durable and reusable, they’re dishwasher safe, and can even be sous vide! They are multifunctional and one of the greatest investments you can gift. Check out their website and take the plastic-free pledge for an additional discount!
  4.  Tea InfuserLoose leaf tea is more than just a waste-free tea option, it’s more cost-effective and you can find SO MUCH variety within the tea types! I store my loose leaf tea in reusable jars and till up my tea infuser when it’s time for tea!
  5. Swell Water BottleI love using my Swell water bottle. I find it’s just the right size for everyday use. I can throw it in my tote bag and not worry about becoming parched throughout the day. Regardless of the kind, a reusable water bottle is one of the greatest reusable gifts around!
  6. KeepCupI know you know all about travel coffee mugs. But do you know about KeepCups? Originating in Australia, these cups mimic the single-use coffee shop cups but are reusable. I love the tempered glass and cork look. It’s classy, unique, and environmentally-friendly!
  7.  Reusable Pastry Bagthe gift for the bakers in your life! They’ll love the ease of using this pastry bag over and over! It’s easy to wash and holds a variety of pastry tips.
  8. Cork Yoga Mata yoga mat made from 100% renewable and recyclable materials! Now that’s what I’m talking about! Be sure to check out Yoloha’s sustainability practices too. I love supporting companies making choices for the benefit of our planet!
  9. Bearaby Weighted Blanketthis is on the top of my list this year. This weighted blanket is made with only organic cotton that’s responsibly farmed. No artificial filling or glass beads, just thick knit cotton. 
  10. Bamboo Utensils Travel SetAre you looking for the perfect gift for someone who travels often? Someone who likes to go out to eat for lunch and might use a lot of plastic silverware in the process? This is the perfect gift! The holder is made from recycled plastic water bottles and the utensils are heat and stain-resistant. I took a set with me to France and they came in so handy! Plastic utensils, be gone!

Happy sustainable gifting season! Don’t forget your reusable wrapping while you’re at it! XOX

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