You read that right: life outside of the kitchen.  I’m going to try out something new.  Once a month I’ll post about my life outside of the kitchen, because, believe it or not, my life doesn’t necessarily revolve around creating recipes and taking pictures of them.  Don’t be mistaken though, it pretty much does revolve around food and wine, mixed in with people I love, and when I’m lucky, going on adventures.

So, let’s see how this goes.

Here’s the gist of my May:

As I may have mentioned before, I live in the middle of no where for two very important reasons: the BF and the beach/having my own adventure. Ok, maybe that’s kind of three, but who’s counting?

The weather has been aaaaa-mazing here; I’ve been slathering on the sunscreen and putting on the flip-flops as much as possible!

dolphin shell on the beach

Well, besides that time there was this tropical storm and I decided to go to the grocery story.  I was under the impression that by “tropical storm” they meant “it rains for five minutes and then stops,” as it had the day before.  Nope, nope, I was wrong.  But I was sure glad I didn’t wear the white shirt to the store!


I got some thoughtful words from the cereal box last week.  Inspirational quotes = my jam.  Inspirational quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt = my jam + Nutella.  See what I did there?  Yeah…anyway…

cereal box quote

I am so thankful that I was able to spend Memorial Day weekend with the BF’s aunt and uncle in Charlotte.

The weekend including some much needed relaxation on my part, and this fabulous bathtub.  My future must-have list definitely includes this.  No question.

luxurious bathtub

We also headed on a little excursion to Raffaldini Vineyards.  Best vineyard I’ve been to on the east coast yet.  The view was spectacular, and they specialized in Italian (yes, the vines were imported from Italy!) wines; specifically bold, dry, red wines.  Helllloooooo, heaven.  My favorite.  “Chianti of the Carolina’s” is their slogan.  Made. For. Me.

Don’t mind the far too many pictures I’m about to share with you.

raffaldini vineyard

raffaldini vineyard vineyard/winery raffaldini vineyard vines raffaldini vineyard wine glassAnd that’s a wrap for May!  I’m so looking forward to June for SO many reasons!  June means amazing fresh fruit and sweet corn (yes, I’m an Iowa girl at heart and to me there’s nothin’ better than sweet corn and watermelon in the summer).  Fresh fruit and veggies = many new summer recipes!

June also means it’s closer to my mama coming to visit.  To say I can’t wait for this summer is an understatement.

Good things to come, my friends.

What are your May highlights?!