Byeeeeee, adios, sayonara, au revoir, October.

This post is a day late because I decided to get out and enjoy the beautiful NC weather on November 1st by walking on the beach.. and then going to a movie… balance, right?

We saw Burnt where Bradley Cooper plays a chef – need I say more?  It made me want to go to culinary school but at the same time thankful I’m an at-home food-blogger wanna-be chef where the only one yelling at me is me.  Much less pressure.

October started out with that hurricane threat, held fall festivals with NC bar-b-que, so many delicious experiments, a bout of crafting, and Halloween shenanigans complete with a bonfire and — can you guess what beverage?!  See for yourself how October played out (in a collection of mediocre quality iPhone photos)…

NC bar-b-que

Homemade Pizza

Hard Root Beer Float

Risotto + Asparagus



homemade pasta



Let the holiday decorations become more acceptable, pre-holiday music begin, and the season of overeating commence!

It’s about to be the most wonderful time of the year, y’all!

Q: How was your October?  Did you dress up for Halloween?!