Confession: I began writing the title of this post as “October 2015”.

Before we know it October will be over too, so I guess I was just trying to get ahead of the game.

But seriously, where did September go?  I feel so old with every month that passes by, and every time I say “where has time gone?!?”, and every day that is closer to my birthday.

If you want to know the big exciting part of September, I’ll send you straight on over to my post about Asheville first.  That trip was amazing, and definitely the highlight of the month.

So because the Asheville post pretty much covers everything, I’ll make this short and sweet.

Also, since this post is less about travel and more about my life outside of the kitchen (so that you all know it does sometimes exist), I’ll leave you with a few additional gems from Asheville that truly show my fear.  The “ledge” I was trying to get over in the first picture – yeah I was likely screaming that I didn’t know what to do now and I needed someone to talk me through it.

And that hanging one there?  That was after I figured out how to go down the ledge, and then had to “sit” down, I wasn’t sure what to do then, either…

Waterfall Rappel - Asheville, NC | Fork in the Kitchen

That face though – it’s the “I can’t believe I’m doing this and I better almost be done” face.

Other highlights include homemade ravioli date nights:

Homemade PastaHomemade Ravioli

And classy nights in hotel rooms on work trips:Wine & Chocolate

I said short and sweet, so that’s all folks!  Hello, October!