Well, we had our first snow of the season last weekend, so I figured it was about time I got around to writing this summer’s coffee date catch up. Coffee, tea, kombucha, WINE, regardless of which beverage you choose, let’s chat!

There so much to talk about – er, um, should I say reminisce about? It almost feels like a lifetime ago, doesn’t it? How quickly, especially up in the great north, does summer seem to slip through our fingers and onto the next we go.

I do love the seasons, so I can’t complain, but let’s stick to summer for now, shall we? If you’re one who loves to reminisce too, let’s dive in!

Summer 2018 in Photos

Summer 2018 Collage

Photos 1-6: so many Saturdays spent at the Mill City Farmer’s Market – gorgeous flowers, produce, riverside yoga, and tasty breakfast pastries. Do you remember the blow up around the featured peach pastry? There was quite the commotion over on Insta about it – do you know why? ?

Photos 7-12: summer walks, new restaurants, kayaking on the lakes, and marching for human rights.

Photo 13: Mississippi River cruise – a first for this Minnesotan!

Photo 14-16: my favorite summer activity: visiting my grandparent’s in Iowa. And getting Iowa sweet corn and melons in the PEAK of the season!

Photos 17-18: Girls cooking nights… we tried homemade dumplings, fresh spring rolls, and lots of rosè!

Photos 19-20: low-and-behold, Santa Margherita hosted an event in my backyard! Which was obviously amazing (I LOVE Santa Margarita wine!)

Photos 21-22: more Minnesota lovin’…lots of kayaking this summer!

Photos 23-24: FRIENDS! Ice cream dates after lake walks, and so many summer weddings!

Photos 25-27: road trip to Wisconsin to visit one of my lovely friends in her hometown – surprisingly tasty WI wineries.

Photos 28-30: more Wisconsin wineries! This time my mom, brother, and I road tripped to surprise my Grandpa at Road America. We stopped at a winery on the way over and then surprised my Grandpa at the race track the next morning. Then I got in a race car and went around the track – topping out at 135mph – with my Grandpa. Yes, he’s amazing.

Photos 31-36: The only way to end a Minnesota summer… The Minnesota State Fair! And a beautiful evening in the city, one of my favorite things about summer.

What else happened this summer?

  • I started a worm compost. YES, it sounds crazy. YES, it kind of is crazy (but also cool cause I’m trying to save the planet and all). YES, I still owe you an update there too!
  • A LOT of time was spent enjoying this absolutely gorgeous summer city (as you’ve seen ;))
  • Contrasted to last summer where I traveled a lot – this summer I didn’t go further than Wisconsin and Iowa. I think my soul needed a summer reminiscent of childhood. And let’s be real: my bank account needed it too.

Favorite part of summer?

Leave a comment and let me know all about your summer. I’m already starting to plan for next 😉